Alpina Huus
16.12.2017 - 14.01.2018
Le Commun, Geneva & Arsenic, Lausanne

Exploring Performance and Domestic Space
Initiated in March 2015 at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, Alpina Huus is a project by Elise Lammer (Kunsthalle Roveredo) and Denis Pernet (Hard Hat) that considers performance and domestic space. Whether in painting, literature, or philosophy, the house is often used as a metaphor for the human figure, and alludes to the many analogies between the house, and the body and psyche. In a domestic space, each room covers a specific typology, from the living room and kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom, to which human behaviour adapts or resists.

During two festivals, a symposium and an exhibition, taking place in Geneva and Lausanne between Decem- ber 2017 and January 2018, Swiss and international artists thread and unthread—sometimes simulta- neously—multiple narratives that further explore ideas around community practice, and an understanding of the domestic environment as a stage where meaningful artistic conversations can and do take place. Among
an audience that never knows what is to be considered as staged or not, the difference between a spectacle and the typical course of an art gathering is blurred, pushing the limits of, and sometimes overlapping, private and public spheres.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins
Zuzanna Bartoszek
Donatella Bernardi
Ralph Bürgin
Yannis Christ
Circumstances (Li Tavor, Martina Buzzi, Daniel V. Keller, Nicolas Buzzi)
Maud Constantin
Gina Folly
Lou Forster
Gilles Furtwängler
Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf
Balz Isler
Elise Lammer
Leo (Max Hauri, Pedro Galvao De Valois, Stefano Rana, Steven Schlosser)
Miriam Laura Leonardi
Renée Levi
Hanne Lippard
Sarah Margnetti
Chus Martínez
Josep Maynou
Guy Meldem
Adrien Missika
Julie Monot
Garrett Nelson
Denis Pernet
Colin Raynal
Nathalie Rebholz
Ramaya Tegegne
Niels Trannois
Melissa Tun Tun
Alvaro Urbano
Yanling and Asian Eyez

Le Commun, Geneva
Saturday, December 16, 2017, 16:00–02:00

Le Commun, Geneva
Friday, January 12, 2018, 18:30–21:30
(Re & De) contextualize performance
Donatella Bernardi, Lou Forster, Elise Lammer, Chus Martínez and Denis Pernet in conversation.

Arsenic, Lausanne
Saturday, January 13, 2018, 17:00–02:00

Le Commun, Geneva
December 17, 2017–January 12, 2018 Opening hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 12:00–18:00 (closed Dec. 24th and 31st)

Detailed programme on PDF here