Kim Seob Boninsegni / Prospective Ghosts and Some Ideas About Sampling
March 18 - April 28, 2011

March 18 - April 28
Opening: March 17, from 6 - 9 pm

Kim Soeb Bonsinsegni (Seoul, 1974), one of Switzerland's most elusive and respected artists of his generation,
will present at Hard Hat three new bodies of work, including: Desert Islands, a series of photographic collages;
Ghost and Splat, five drawings which rephrase Mike Kelley’s 1988 Garbage series; and Infinite Jest, multicolored
prostate plush toys, intended as cuddly transitional objects for the soon to be elderly.

After having recently shown pieces at Kunsthaus Glarus and Kunsthaus Aarau, "Prospective Ghosts and Some Ideas
About Sampling" will be Kim Soeb Boninsegni's first solo exhibition since 2007. The artist will then pursue his
comeback on the scene with PASSAGE, a dance piece wit!
h over 50 performers that will be held at the Théatre de
l'Usine between March 24 and 27, before being featured this coming June at New Jerseyy, Basel.